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Doust Plumbing Products, the leaders in plumbing innovation, design and manufacture.

Established in 1999 by Philip Doust, Doust Plumbing Products started out in the family garage in Western Australia and has grown to become a reputable national company.

We have patented several premium plumbing products, such as the DoustValve™ and the RainWatch™ range of products. Our product range is a result of observations and experience within the industry, and an understanding of what actually works. In late 1998, The DoustValve™ was released into a competitive market, which was largely dominated by imports, but it quickly became a leading brand name throughout Australia.

Our tremendous success achieved in the marketplace is testimony to our belief that the customer is really the only person who controls the marketplace. We have also received tremendous support from many fine retailers and their staff. We believe, and our experience proves, that you our customers are willing to support high quality, Australian-made products, and we thank you for our continuing success.

Our view is that you can only save water if the reduction of water used completes the same task adequately in accordance with the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” A.C. Clarke

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