Fix a dripping tap

About Doust Plumbing Products

Established in 1999 by Philip Doust, Doust Plumbing Products started out in the family garage in Western Australia and has grown to become a reputable national company.

Fix a dripping tap

About Doust Plumbing Products

Established in 1999 by Philip Doust, Doust Plumbing Products started out in the family garage in Western Australia and has grown to become a reputable national company.


Customer Feedback


No drips what so ever on the home taps! Can’t thank the guys at Doust enough.

Love ya work.


Excellent Australian made products!


M&F Anti Hammer Water Saver Adaptor Valve Atidf/15 (Doust)
I have a mysterious water hammer all over the taps after a plumber installed a Rheem water heater, replaced two pairs of leaking tap washers from bathroom and basin, putting a new cistern to my toilet.
Water hammer all over the place and it came and went. Two more plumbers came in, couldn’t diagnosis the cause, and all measures suggested only temporarily relieved the hammer but it came back after the plumber left.
Bunning suggested putting a water hammer arrestor along the line and I put in a Doust water hammer arrestor to the toilet cistern…it worked and so far finger cross for 2 days, water hammer disappeared.
Thanks, Doust.


I thought Doust was exaggerating ‘the ultimate and only active, drip-proof tap washer in the world’ but after numerous attempts and other washers, it actually works.

Thanks and the price was good too.


Dunno what I’d do without this place.

Number one for the hardware you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DoustValve™ completed Australian Standards endurance test MPA52-1997, spec 024, clause 6.17.5. Which is a test equalling 17 years of home use. The test involved over 29,000 cycles alternating between cold and hot water at 80°C, and then the tap is turned off and must hold a pressure test. The actual valve, which completed the test, seemed almost unmarked. Evidence in actual installations would suggest that the life of a DoustValve™ should well exceed the life of a conventional washer in similar circumstances.
Yes, the bladder can handle temperatures of 135°C, while the stem can handle compression in temperatures to about 82°C. Most hot water units operate at under 75°C, by the time the hot water reaches the point of use, 82°C is well within the working range required. If you have specific needs please contact us and we may be able to meet your specific requirements.
This usually only occurs in areas with extremely high water pressure and is extremely rare. If you resurface the tap seat with the DoustKit™ and square the seat up, the DoustValve's™ bladder will stop trying to make up the discrepancies in the tap body and the shuddering will stop.
Although a rare problem, all investigations we at Doust Plumbing Products have undertaken has resulted in the problem being solved by fitting DoustSeats™. Very high squeals are caused through the tap body being out of center or square, this causes the water to pass at a greater velocity at one area than the other, lighter valves or tap washers with excellent sealing materials are more likely to cavitate. The DoustValve™ actually becomes quieter with age, many tradespeople have developed different strategies to overcome the problem with inexpensive techniques, and in many instances, they overcome the complex problem. However, while velocity noise will always remain, squaring and centering the tap body with a screwed tap seat is the long-term solution.
This usually means there is some loose piping or a faulty non-return valve at the hot water unit. There is no tap washer on the market that can really produce water hammer, water hammer is the result of a high-pressure column of water coming to a complete stop. A tap is designed to take several turns in its operation to overcome this problem. Usually, water hammer is caused when the dishwasher, washing machine, and the reticulations quick closing valves are operated. The ease in which the DoustValve™ halts and locks off the flow of water can amplify an existing problem, however, it cannot create the problem. This type of reaction to the DoustValve™ is really a compliment and testimony that the bladder with drip-proof technology actually works.
This is more noticeable with "plastic" type washers than brass ones. However the reducation in flow is mainly caused due to the entire expansion of the tap body. The DoustValve™ expands 1/10 of a millimetre from cold to hot. When mixing hot water the time taken is greatly reduced when the hot tap is turned on first, when hot and excising care to prevent scalding adjust with the cold. This characteristic usually occurs in showers, especially low volume showers and is more noticeable in winter than summer or when the hot water unit is a long distance from the point of use. Many people are not concerned or do not notice these characteristics.

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