Doustseats with Waterbrake (4 Pack)

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Product Code: DS-4

Saves 68% in water usage without any noticable loss in flow! (Independant Test Report TT820, Western Australian Plumbing Testing Labratory)


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We believe that the DoustSeat with the ‘WaterBrake’ is absolutely the best water saving device in the world! Why? Because with the DoustSeat, you don’t even know that you are saving water. Unlike other water saving devices you cannot notice the difference with the reduced flow. The DoustSeat’s ‘WaterBrake’, allows you to adjust the flow and still save 68% in water regardless of how fast or slow you adjust the taps. Independent tests show 68% water saving at all three main flow rates.

Other major advantages over existing conventional water savings devices is that it is:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Has no fine opening to block up, and
  • DoustSeat works with all hot water units including instantaneous.

In our research, you the consumer told us you wanted comfort of use above all else whilst saving water. Our design team came up with the ‘WaterBrake’, a world first and as with all our products, proudly made in Australia for our harsh conditions. Another great advantage of the DoustSeat is that when it is fitted to all your internal taps you can usually run two showers at the same time. This is known in the industry as water balancing. Built-in advantages that make the DoustSeat a must for your home or office.

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Dimensions 17.5 × 8.3 × 2 cm

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