How to Change a Tap Washer

Step 1 - Turn off the water main 

The water meter is usually located near the property boundry, turn the stop tap in a clockwise direction and firmly close. Then turn the closest tap to the ground level fully on, this will release the pressure and allow water to escape.


Step 2 - Removing Tap Components

Remove the tap handles first. There are many configurations and some may require special tools such as allen keys. If you are in any doubt refer to the manufacturer for detailed instructions. Most tap handles can be removed in an easy manner as many have spring loaded flanges. However with some of the older screwed tapware     flanges they may be far more diffilcult. Always use extreme care when removing these types of tap ware componets, especially when they are fitted in viterous china   fixtures such as basins. It is necessary to brace the tap under the fixture for the excessive torgue required in removing the componets.

Step 3 - Servicing Tap Components

Once the bonnet and spindle are removed, the spindle should be removed from the bonnet. If it is jammed do not apply force. This will  usually break the spindle, it is better to apply heat with a naked flame. Of course the “O” ring will burn, however you have to replace it in any event. Exercise care removing the spindle from the bonnetwhile hot and allow to cool by itself. Now clean the spindle and the internals of the bonnet with the DoustCleanTM tap cleaner. If a particular tap has a hard/easy turn on and off feel, then this isusually the result of a bent spindle. Roll the spindle along a flat surface, if it is not true replace it. After cleaning fit new “O” rings with a liberal amount of DoustGreaseTM. Re-assemble leaving the tap in the fully “turned on” position. Give the tap seat a gentle re-surface with the tap-reseater as supplied in the DoustKitTM. You should see a light continuous shine in a complete circle. View the tap body from directly above.

If this new shiny circle is complete and in the centre, (use a flashlight if difficult to see) then fit your new DoustValveTM complete with the bonnet and spindle. New body washers are supplied in the DoustGreaseTM pack and they should also be fitted. The water entry inlet should be in the centre (not as shown in diagram 1 top left). Check that the tap faces are clean. Take care to ensure the DoustValveTM does not fall out of its spindle position when inserted in the tap body. Fit first the handles without the flanges to test operation.


Step 4 - Turn The Water Back On

Now that you have checked and serviced your tapware and made the necessary repairs using the Doust Plumbing Products range, you should be ready to turn the water back on. Turn the isolating stopcock fully on and then back half a turn. This prevents the valve from jamming as it is rarely used. All taps should be in the fully open position with all aerators removed. Sinks and all plumbing fixtures should be free from articles for the unhindered flow of water to the drain. Care should be exercised to reduce the chances of a fixture flooding. The taps are left “on” for several reasons. One is it allows all filings to be washed through the line, another is you cannot damage the spindle when you tighten up the tap in the on position. Start by turning the basins off first as they are the most likely to flood. Finish with the bath or wash trough. In doing this you have also purged the water service of air. This means the homeowner will not run the risk of scalding or excessive splashing due to compressed air being
trapped in the line.

If you have been following these instructions correctly the tap flanges should still not have been fitted. It is extremely important to check each of the tap’s body washers and “O” rings for leaks. Also check under basins and sinks that the service work has not created a leak. Once you are confident there are no leaks, then fit the flanges, aerators (cleaned) and tap handles.

Completing The Job 

Clean and wipe over all the tapware, operate each individual tap to ensure it is functioning correctly. Watch out for brass filings in the shower recess, they will not usually wash away, vacuum if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I turn my hot tap on, why does the water flow reduce or stop?

This is more noticeable with "plastic" type washers than brass ones. However the reducation in flow is mainly caused due to the entire expansion of the tap body. The DoustValve™ expands 1/10 of a millimetre from cold to hot. When mixing hot water the time taken is greatly reduced when the hot tap is turned on first, when hot and excising care to prevent scalding adjust with the cold. This characteristic usually occurs in showers, especially low volume showers and is more noticeable in winter than summer or when the hot water unit is a long distance from the point of use. Many people are not concerned or do not notice these characteristics.

Why do I hear a banging noise when I turn my tap off quickly?

This usually means there is some loose piping or a faulty non-return valve at the hot water unit. There is no tap washer on the market that can really produce water hammer, water hammer is the result of a high-pressure column of water coming to a complete stop. A tap is designed to take several turns in its operation to overcome this problem. Usually water hammer is caused when the dishwasher, washing machine, and the reticulations quick closing valves are operated. The ease in which the DoustValve™ halts and locks off the flow of water can amplify an existing problem, however it cannot create the problem. This type of a reaction to the DoustValve™ is really a compliment and testimony that the bladder with drip proof technology actually works.

Why do I hear a shuddering noise in the tap when I turn my tap on?

This usually only occurs in areas with extremely high water pressure's and is extremely rare. If you resurface the tap seat with the DoustKit™ and square the seat up, the the DoustValve's™ bladder will stop trying to make up the discrepancies in the tap body and the shuddering will stop.

Why do I hear excessive noise in my tap?

Although a rare problem, all investigations we at Doust Plumbing Products have undertaken has resulted in the problem being solved by fitting DoustSeats™. Very high squeals are caused through the tap body being out of centre or square, this causes the water to pass at a greater velocity at one area than the other, lighter valves or tap washers with excellent sealing materials are more likely to cavitate. The DoustValve™ actually becomes quieter with age, many tradespeople have developed different strategies to overcome the problem with inexpensive techniques, and in many instances they overcome the complex problem. However, while velocity noise will always remain, squaring and centering the tap body with a screwed tap seat is the long-term solution.

Is the DoustValve™ suitable for hot AND cold water?

Yes, the bladder can handle temperatures of 135°C, while the stem can handle compression in temperatures to about 82°C. Most hot water units operate at under 75°C, by the time the hot water reaches the point of use, 82°C is well within the working range required. If you have specific needs please contact us and we may be able to meet your specific requirements.

My DoustValves™ are so easy to turn on and off, but will they last?

The DoustValve™ completed Australian Standards endurance test MPA52-1997, spec 024, clause 6.17.5. Which is a test equalling 17 years of home use. The test involved over 29,000 cycles alternating between cold and hot water at 80°C, and then the tap is turned off and must hold a pressure test. The actual valve, which completed the test, seemed almost unmarked. Evidence in actual installations would suggest that the life of a DoustValve™ should well exceed the life of a conventional washer in similar circumstances.

Saving Water

"Our view is that you can only save water if the reduction of water used completes the same tarsk adequately in accordance with the customers complete satisfaction". How to Save Water and this inexpensive example can be applied to every tap outlet throughout a building by using the Doustseat, Doustsave or our Doustflow valves and as Plumbers tell us, "at least the DOUST stuff works". Shower with comfort and save water!  "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." A.C.Clarke

Why is the Doustsave the RIGHT product?

The Doustsave range are not fixed flow controllers. Good practice or well-known accepted practice in any professional hydraulic design involves a STEP DOWN in pressure or flow prior to the delivery point of the sealing mechanism. Why, because if you STEP DOWN the flow rate on the high pressure side of the hydraulic valve as shown in the red circle with the Doustsave valve you achieve a great deal. In our case with the domestic household tap as shown, one of the overriding benefits is comfort. In line with our overall water saving policy.

With nearly all the other water saving devices on the market it is the case that they are usually fitted on a single outlet of the fitting. This results in water delivery at a single highly restricted outlet with poor mixing properties that delivers the water in considerable force to you the householder. The flow being restricted at the point of delivery often results in discomfort of use and it is often the case that the householder simply removes the device. In fact many plumbers simply remove these devices when they are being installed, as they are usually the ones that must bear the blunt in dealing with these types of complaints.

The force of the water while unpleasant is usually being discharged directly onto you through the air and not into a delivery fitting which also can greatly increase your maintenance costs. Our Guarantee To You We at Doust Plumbing Products with the Doustsave Valve will not pressurize the low pressure side of the tap or any fitting so that “O” rings will fail and they will in time usually unseen behind the fitting and usually behind a wall resulting in considerable amount of water damage.

We at Doust Plumbing Products will not use any push in type of seat or fitting. All our products are mechanically fitted and can be easily removed and replaced with our supplied tooling.We at Doust Plumbing Products will continue to make the best product possible by design and performance totally here in Australia.We at Doust Plumbing Products will and do manufacture our product with a minimum of a decade in design performance and the Doustsave range as shown comes complete with a 10-year no nonsense guarantee.

Whatever you may place at the end of your tap, if you want a real heart in water saving technology inside your tap then the Doustsave range in the 6, 9 and 12 liters models are for you.